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Looking at television, there a was a program that tell a story about trash man.
This man collected trash specially boxes, paper, ect.
He has family (wife and children) and has a waggon to lift the uses paper and boxes.
At that time, the story was in raining day and he lift his daughter to the waggon.
Because of rain, he could not earn lot of money… after he collected to the collector of used paper, he just got Rp 14.000,- for that day. Usually he could earn Rp 40.000,- / day. Well more and less.
If we count for a month, so 40.000 times 30 equal Rp 1.200.000,-
WOW! Much more than I earn in cash this month…..
And the different with me is, he still could stay closed to his wife and daughter… he still have a lot of time for his family… he manage his own time to work hm… like mlm motto yah…
Me? I have to get up very early going to the office and get home at night… I could not stay closed to my children….could not managed my own time to work…..
What a …….
I tell this story to my husband and he said, we have neigbour that once he was a seller of tahu tek by walking around the neighbourhood with his pushcart. He make little money that make him stressed. Then he stopped selling tahu tek, and switch to collecting trash specially paper or boxes.
And now, he is not stressed anymore because
he could fullfill the need of his family…..
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Astrid Soendjasmono
29 November 2007 09:42

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